Announcing Web Booking | Blog | Hitch

September 25, 2020

Big things have been happening behind the scenes here at Hitch. With that being said, we are excited to announce our newest website feature, web booking!

In the past, customers booked rides solely through our mobile app. You can now book with us through to travel with us to any of our serviced cities. We connect riders and drivers in all major cities in Texas, as well as Oklahoma City. See here for a complete list of all the cities where we operate.

If you've ridden with us before, all you'll need to do is sign in with the account you use on the mobile app. But if you're booking for the first time with us, you'll create an account using your phone number.

Create your account

To book your trip, first, enter your origin and destination locations. You will be prompted to add your phone number to type in your verification code. It is imperative that you use the phone you will be taking on your trip because it's how you will contact your driver before your departure.

Choose pickup locations

Then, you will choose a pickup location from those available in your city. The site you choose is where you will meet your driver to begin your trip. You will decide where you will be dropped off as well. When making these plans, keep in mind how you will get to your ultimate destination as your ride with Hitch ends at the drop-off location.

Departure time

After choosing your pickup and drop-off locations, you will select your time and date of departure. Like in mobile-app booking, we offer private or shared rides from 60 days in advance to an hour before departure. Then, add your preferred payment for your ride and confirm the booking!

Remember to download the app

A crucial detail to note is that you will still need to download the app to view your driver's details if you book online. If you don't download the app before your ride, you will not have access to any information about your driver, so please do so. You can download the app here for IOS devices and here on Google Play.

Web booking is the first of many exciting things coming to Hitch users. Stay tuned for more updates and features coming soon to our website and mobile app!