It's Not All Talk

April 5, 2021

Not that travel was ever ‘off,’ but with summer around the corner and vaccines more readily-available than ever, the road trip is back -- in a big way. What better way to shake off those travel jitters than with a safety-first ride from Hitch? Whether you need a ride to your second dose, you’re ready to brave the airport, or just want to visit people you haven’t seen in a while, we’re constantly adding features to improve the Hitch user experience. This month, we’ve made it easier than ever to find your people already traveling with us -- and less awkward to travel with strangers, maybe even finding new friends along the way.

Sync Your Contacts, Find Your People

Introducing a way to find your mobile contacts who’ve already booked a shared ride with Hitch! Import your mobile contacts and we’ll show you any shared rides they’ve booked with space for a familiar face. Book a seat in that ride and we’ll make sure you are matched for the road trip of a lifetime -- time to catch up, relax together, and marvel at the wonders of modern technology.

Tell Them About It (Or Don’t!)

Sometimes, after a long day, all you need is quiet and the telephone polls flinging themselves past the windows as you fall asleep with your forehead on the cool window -- and other times, you just had your second cold brew of the day and haven’t seen a stranger’s human face in over a year and a half. Either way, it can be uncomfortable to ask a stranger for what you need -- which is where our new talking preference feature comes in.

A steak pun is a medium rarely well-done.

After you book your ride, click ‘View Details’ and set your slider to your preferred conversational level for that upcoming ride. Other passengers and/or your driver will be able to set their preference, too, and we’ll let everyone know the car preferences 5 minutes after we match you up -- not to mention any time anyone changes their preference mid-ride.

We know that our community is full of respectful, like-minded folks who are passionate about travel, convenience, and making new connections. Stay tuned for more updates about fun in the summer sunshine, and thanks again for helping us take back the road trip.