Florida, Meet Hitch (That’s Us)

August 30, 2021

We’re a small team with big dreams based in Austin, TX. We’re all about simplifying travel, adding an appealing option for trips you might otherwise need a bus to complete, and reducing the number of cars on the road. We come bearing safe, convenient travel options between your major cities -- for you, your friends & family, or your same-day packages.

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Our Shared and Private rides pick up and drop off at convenient, centralized locations in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville as well as several stops along the way.

Traveling alone? Book Shared to reserve a seat with up to 2 other passengers going the same way, and you can set your talking preference to meet new friends or take a snooze. 

Need more space? Our Private rides have space for as many passengers and bags as will legally and safely fit in a 4-door sedan for one inclusive price. 

Trying to get to the airport, or customize your trip? Check out our Premier rides, a door-to-door experience with the same capacity as our Private rides. 

All Hitch drivers pass a standard background check and are required to arrive in a vehicle made within the last 15 years -- we’re proud of the community of drivers we have here in Texas, and we have similarly high expectations for our Florida crew. Think you have what it takes? You can read more about our driver application process here.

Rides run from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM along most routes, with several Shared and Private departures scheduled per day for each route. Premier rides are available to book about every hour for most routes. For a full list of routes we currently service in Florida, click here.

Questions? Reach out to our customer experience team in-app or browse our FAQ here.