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December 8, 2020

Let's be honest: most referral programs are a little... what's the word? Stingy? Pointless? Rinky-dink? All of the aforementioned?

At Hitch, we're taking back the roadtrip AND the referral program, making Hitch rides an interactive experience that you can share with friends, family, co-workers, nemeses, or even those old friends from high school who are always trying to involve you in a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. Invite your network — through email, contacts, Twitter, and Facebook— with the touch of a button. Every time one of your friends, Romans, or countrymen download the app using your link, you'll get $2 in ride credits. For one measly download!

But wait: of course there's more. Once your referee (not that kind) completes their first ride with Hitch, you both get $48 in ride credits. That's $50 in ride credits for you, $48 for your friend, and a road trip plan in hand for the two of you! You can even keep track of your friend's journey through the app, from successful download to their debut ride, and you can even send a friendly nudge if they haven't booked yet!

We at Hitch want to give everyone the opportunity to experience and share more than just rides — we're talking cold hard credits. Whether you travel often or rarely, with friends or without, everybody wins when you spread the word and ride with us!

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about sharing and accumulating referral credits.