Hitch: Your Guide to a Waking World

May 17, 2021

Hitch users hardly need another rhapsodic lecture about the thrill of anticipation America is feeling as we approach the full swing of Summer 2021. Y’all have kept us as busy as we’ve ever been for most of 2020 -- and safely, too! Demand has been so high lately that we actually had to push our booking window back to 2 hours before departure, but don’t worry: we’re adding more drivers than ever and working to perfect our schedule so that we can continue to offer our rides as conveniently as possible, when & where you need them.

But Hitch will always be first & foremost about the things that the airlines, the bus companies, and other rideshare services simply cannot afford to offer: Convenience. Customization. Comfort.  And of course you already know our prices can’t be beat -- we’re Hitch. That’s what we do.

I had occasion to take my first flight in over a year recently. I’m not a jetsetter by nature, exactly, but it was still a rarity for me to go so long without seeing the sky. Things are a little spooky in there right now -- not that they were in a great place before, but at least there were certain comforts. But now? Only a few places open in the terminal -- at the revamped Austin-Bergstrom, no less! (I do believe the coffee robot was in full operation.) Lots of dogs with jobs, and not the fun kind. My fellow passengers and I eyed each other warily in the gate area, trying to determine who was on which flight, if it was all going to be as crowded as it looked. We milled about looking for a functional outlet. When we began to board they kept asking us to distance to the best of our ability -- the first time I haven’t seen a whole gate stand together and form an ugly and pointless queue that stretches into usable walking space.

On the plane your best bet if you just want a relaxing, quiet ride where no one talks to you is a pair of headphones, an eye mask, and a prayer. I couldn’t help but remember that with Hitch you can set your talking preference right before your ride begins and even update it once you’re in motion -- no muss, no fuss, & definitely no chatty flight attendants (the masks did little to help).

I thought, too, about how lucky I was not to hit significant delays or even a cancellation -- of course it helps that I splurged for a direct flight. But what if something had gone wrong? The change fees. Baggage fees. Cancellation “fee?” What’s that -- you just don’t get a refund, sorry your plans have changed or your connection was delayed or your kid wasn’t feeling well.


And, well: that’s just not how we operate at Hitch -- all rides canceled an hour or more before departure are always automatically refunded. Because we understand that travel is tricky, and life happens, whether we’re ready or not. 

Things can only get better, of course -- not in the airline industry as a customer service prospect, but in the world generally and especially in the ways that we travel to and from the places we need to go. We’ve already got most of the short flights you could want in Texas covered, an we also service a frankly-impressive number of airports, including:


Drivers for our Premier airport rides will wait up to 30 minutes past your scheduled departure time (since we know that ‘airline’ and ‘timely manner’ rarely go in the same sentence), and as ever you can still cancel for a full refund up to an hour away from your trip -- using the plane’s WiFi, even! You’ll be the envy of everyone in the rideshare concourse -- you didn’t just book some ride; you Hitched one.

You can find more details about our airport service in our Help Center, or by reaching out to me or Jen in-app: we’re always happy to help, and we promise there’s no long list of robotic questions to gain access to the promised land. We’ll take you to the airport & pick you up when you get back -- with a smile (behind our mask) that says, Welcome home.