Introducing Hitch Premier

October 15, 2020

White-glove service. Green-friendly price.

Welcome to Hitch Premier: private rides run daily anywhere within 50 miles of our destination network. We’ve tapped our most trusted and highly-rated drivers along all of our routes to offer up to 10 departures per day, allowing you to customize your travel plans at a moment’s notice without breaking the bank.

Mask on? Relax-on.

We get it. Travel’s back on, mask-on is the new normal. Skip the crowds waiting for: the airport shuttle, the rental car, or the connecting flight entirely. Our drivers are all guaranteed to be wearing a mask for the duration of your ride and will take you right where you need to go.

It’s never too late for your debut.

Hitch Premier rides are available to book on every route in our mobile app and on our website (just click ‘Back!’). Let us know where you’d like Hitch Premier to premiere next!