Road Trip Conversation Starters | Blog | Hitch

December 11, 2020

Here at Hitch, we’ve built a great community by connecting riders and drivers heading to the same city. Every time you ride with us you have an opportunity to make new connections and expand your network, all while getting from point A to point B in affordable comfort. We don’t mean to brag, but our hand-picked drivers are known for more than their up-to-date vehicles and lovely driving records: they’re also sterling conversationalists, just like the Texans they ride with daily.

It’s been so long since most of us had to strike up even one polite conversation with a stranger that it might be tempting to think of a pair of earbuds as essential PPE along with your mask and hand sanitizer. Hitch is built for you, quiet ride-taker, fearless car snoozer, but it’s also built by a bunch of burger-debating, stonk-chasing real folks who understand that sometimes, the only thing standing between you and a perfectly lovely conversation is that one little tap to get the ball rolling.


What’s the best thing you’ve watched in the past year?

It’s been an interesting 365 days, to be magnanimous, and most of us had a little more home time than we expected. Quibi came and went, the streaming wars ramped up, they started beaming movies right into our living rooms, video game entertainment exploded, and we learned more about big cat husbandry than we ever thought possible. But the thing is: even typing out that list felt exhausting. Let’s help each other out and tell each other what the creme de la creme was: the new hotnesses, the old classics we just discovered, ‍hidden gems, wrongly-forgotten blockbusters (*cough* AVATAR), the best overtime games nobody talked about, the silliest YouTube videos. You can’t spell contentment without content, and here at Hitch, we’re all about both.

Where are you from? What's your favorite thing about your hometown?

People love talking about where they're from -- the good, the bad, the just-plain-weird, etc. Use this as an opportunity to learn where (& where not) to visit! Everyone has a suspiciously strong opinion about their favorite Tex-Mex. Have they tried the BBQ joint with the hours-long wait? Are they willing to share the best local secret? You never know when you'll find yourself somewhere new and craving queso.

Are we doing podcasts now? Are podcasts 'a thing?'

In a word: yup! The best substitute for talking to yourself since books on tape, podcasts have been chipping away at the boundary of complete cultural relevance for at least a month or two now, and plenty of our drivers and riders take trips where they need voices in their ear and time to recharge. Podcasts now run the full gamut from improvised comedy to serious interviews, investigative journalism to deep dives into Adam Sandler comedies, with a world of niche interests in between. Comparing podcast habits is a little like introducing groups of friends: at its worst, a little awkward; at its best, a brand new family. Let’s fill our heads with voices other people can hear, too.

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck in unarmed combat?

Considerations: your stamina level; footwear (grip, sturdiness); 1 large beak vs. 400 tiny hooves; whether or not you believe birds are real.

Every time you chat with a stranger, you open a door of opportunity to make new and lasting connections, or at least help us figure out whether P. Terry's or In N Out makes the better burger. Next time you book with us, try out some of these fun icebreakers and see the difference it makes in your traveling experience. Turn your ride into meaningful connections with Hitch.