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December 8, 2020

Mind the house rules

We know a car isn't technically a house — more like 2 motorcycles with a little house in the middle — but your Hitch driver may still have a set of rules they'd like anyone in their car to follow. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to ask before doing things like: eating, drinking, removing your shoes, or fiddling with your environment. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable experience for every rider and driver that we connect. We expect a high standard of service from our drivers, and we’d hope that our riders will accommodate reasonable requests made by our drivers as well! Everybody wins.

Keep us posted

Hitch riders aren’t usually the only ones who need to get from here to there, so it's important to respect everyone's time and schedule. Riders will receive driver information 10 minutes before ride departure, so when running a little late, reach out to let our driver know.Remember: if you are more than 10 minutes late, your ride will be canceled. Check out this FAQ page to read more about connecting with your driver on the day of your trip.

Help us stop the spread

With the current public health crisis in Texas and around the world, our number one priority is to keep you safe and healthy while riding with us. The keys to staying safe in enclosed spaces where the virus flourishes are to wear a mask (correctly) and to eliminate physical contact and maintain safe distances whenever possible.

Keep in mind that mask recommendations have recently focused on wearing multiple layers or a filter and emphasized a tight fit over both the nose and mouth. We aim to use our community to set the precedent of maintaining our marketplace's health and safety. See our Health and Safety Policy FAQ page for more information.

Mic check

The best part of smaller-scale travel? Less noise. No bustling airports, no honking lines of traffic, no uncontrollable airport shuttle or bus crowd. Making sure to keep the travel environment calm and free of extraneous noise is a definite goal of ours. Keeping calls short and pleasant is a great way to maintain an upbeat atmosphere. Music is encouraged in Hitch rides, via radio or headphones. If you prefer your own tunes or want to watch a video, plug in headphones and enjoy. Your driver is more than happy to turn on the radio and play music at a comfortable volume for everyone.

When you choose a station-to-station ride with Hitch, you may be in the car with other passengers heading in the same direction. To make sure everyone remains comfortable during their ride, mind the personal space of the other riders. Nobody likes an elbow in their ribcage. Also, we & Texas require all passengers to keep their seatbelt on at all times.

At Hitch, our mission is to unite drivers and riders heading the same way. When everybody works together to create a great atmosphere within the car, you will have a happier and safer ride.