What is Hitch? | Blog | Hitch

September 18, 2020

Tired of riding the Megabus or Greyhound? Try Hitch, an affordable rideshare app that connects drivers and riders heading to the same city. While being priced competitively with Megabus and Greyhound, Hitch is a cleaner, safer, and more personalized experience that helps riders get to their destination time and time again. We service trips to every major Texas city as well as Oklahoma City. We also offer trips to local universities, casinos, and more!

Every day, each route we service offers rides starting from $20 from 7 AM to 7 PM, designed to fit your schedule and budget perfectly. For the utmost flexibility, you can book trips up to an hour before departure. See here how to book a ride through our easy-to-use mobile app. To download the app, search Hitch in the Google Play, the Apple App Store, or visit our website. We offer unique features, like same-day delivery service for parcels and the ability to make pit stops whenever you need them.

During the COVID-19 crisis, our number one priority is to keep you safe and healthy while riding with us. All of our drivers are required to sanitize all surfaces in their vehicles thoroughly before each drive. We also expect drivers and riders to wear a mask during the entire trip to minimize any droplet transmission and eliminate physical contact if possible. We aim to use our community to set the precedence of maintaining the health and safety of our marketplace. If either party in the car voluntarily acts against our set guidelines, we are notified and they are removed from our platform. See our Health and Safety Policy FAQ page for more information.

Our mission is to bring back the human aspect of transportation. Every year there are billions of empty seats traveling between cities, contributing to high rates of road congestion and pollution. Our goal is to bring riders and drivers together in a unique way that makes travel a community-building and earth-saving activity.

Behind Hitch, there is a community of people dedicated to making sure your trip runs perfectly. From app designers to our drivers, our team carefully curated Hitch to bring convenience back to transportation.